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16/7/2015 Pino Aina Director of Club Green Ltd has given us an update. Planning is underway and he is optomistic that things will happen soon and we are still optimistic that the project could start towards the end of 2015.

15/12/2014: Pino Aina Director of Club Green Ltd has been in touch to say that planning is underway and that the project could start towards the end of 2015.

12/09/2012: Sadly the project has had to be put on hold as the building is needed by its owners to store excess stock. The situation will be looked at again next year, but Pino Aina Director of Club Green Ltd assured the group, it was still destined one day for Brooklands

10/04/2012: A meeting took place at the Ockham location, with Club Green and Brooklands Museum represented, where an initial time scale was established. It was agreed that if a replacement building could be found of a similar size and suitable for storing the items that the Tyrrell Shed is currently storing, then the project could get underway. In the event that this cannot be achieved then at some point in the future when the site is re-developed, Club Green assured Brooklands Museum that the shed would be made available to them. 

02/04/2012: Brooklands Museum agree to Andy Lambert taking the lead on this Project. Andy is now retired but was the Founder and Managing Director of the National Rescue Group and has been involved in in the transportation of most of the Museum's Major Exhibits over the last twenty eight Years

2011 various dates: Meetings at Brooklands Museum to try and progress the project

06/06/10 : Origins of the woodshed at the former WRAC barracks in Stoughton, Guildford, confirmed by Julian Temple (having acquired a copy of Hamilton’s authorised biography of KT from motoring memorabilia dealer Fraser Robinson at the Brooklands Double 12). 

06/05/10 : Inspection of The Woodshed at Ockham by Brooklands Museum’s Karina Hill, Andy Lambert, Paul Swift & Julian Temple escorted by owner Pino Aina. The site is now owned by specialist importers and distributors Club Green (, the building is currently used for storage purposes but survives in good condition and appears to be little altered since Tyrrell moved out.


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